Blog (Lead Generation): 17 Business you can start with little money blog to encourage budding entrepreneurs

Mohit wrote this blog post to drive visitors around a high trafficked keyword, and to generate leads based on that.

To give people free ideas and to create engagement by getting them to ask more questions and take action.

Not much. About 2 hours in writing and then 100s of hours in writing answers to those hundreds of comments and queries that came along with the blog post.

Lack of focused leads for a course for wannabe entrepreneurs that MontPier team was planning to launch.

Day after day the blog post received increasing relevant traffic. Many of these turned out to be the leads for the course.

Write a simple to understand blogspot targeting a specific keywords. Use simple forms and surveys to created an interest list for the course.

The interest was so high for the course that before the launch the leads showed an interest to pay about INR 35 lakhs collectively for the course.

A blog post written by Mohit in the year 2011 to encourage budding entrepreneurs. It’s small blog post with a list (also called a listicle) of 17 business that one can do with little money. It stands at number 1 position across cities/countries if somebody searches Google for keywords around – business you can start with little or no money.

The idea was to bring some light to those who want to be entrepreneurs but have their doubts or limitations like No or less money. He wrote this post in support of many questions people used to ask him that how can I establish my business, if I have no money? What work I can do with this much less money and so on.

People want to do something of their own but are clueless. They think that there is no business which can happen without money.

225 comments on a blog. 700 leads with an interest to pay 2500 to 50,000 for different tiers of the course.

Mohit himself didn’t have this idea that this blog post will bring a revolution. People responded to this blog post in such a manner that Mohit had to sit for hours daily to give answer to reader’s queries. It created such huge success that hundreds of people visited his site on daily basis.

There were hundreds of daily signups at and thousands of people seeking advices and guidance on how to set up business. They even opted to pay out for the services.
After witnessing this huge success, Mohit thought of launching a course in entrepreneurship and asked people who commented on the blog post who are now also happen to be his subscribers that if they want to attend his course and would like pay for it. And the response was phenomenal people said yes and they are ready to pay for the course.
The course is still in Pipeline and he will launch it soon.

Till date , He receives lot of queries on his blog post and he keep answering them back.