Book: The Digital Marketing HandBook. A Step by Step Guide for the Modern Marketer.

400 pages. Covers almost all aspects of digital marketing.

2 Months for writing. More for publishing and getting it out in the hands of the readers.

Lack of one book that covers all aspects of digital marketing.

Helps anyone who is new to digital marketing or has some understanding or the space to get acquainted, brush up or get a 360 degree view of the topic. Chapters are written as stand alone units without much need to read one chapter to understand another chapter.

We first ran a survey asking potential readers what all they needed in a book on digital marketing. We also did online research like reading reviews of other books on Amazon and took notes. Then Mohit wrote the 1st draft which the editorial team edited. To make sure that each chapter will stand on its own and provide good value to the reader, Mohit wrote each chapter as single unit and later added reference to different chapters to build the flow of the book.

Lots of positive reviews. Thousand of copies in circulation without any promotion.

The idea of the book originated from the questions like, Digital Marketing is exciting; will it work for my business? Can I manage it on my own? Will it make my brand more visible? And the idea further became a mission with more questions like, I guess Facebook is not happening. Twitter is just 140 character…huh! What should I do? Oh! It is lot of time & no results. You think I should hire an agency – how will I assess the work they do? We used to get these questions daily in our mailbox.

We teach Digital Marketing through MasterClass, our digital marketing training startup. And what could be the better way to teach than to put years of experience and tactics at one place that helps readers sail through ever-growing sea of information that will ultimately help them win at the digital marketing game. The outcome is this book on Digital Marketing.

It all started in with a casual discussion with the core team at ICFAI, one of India’s leading business schools. In this discussion Mohit suggested ideas around introducing digital marketing as part of their curriculum and suggested 5 different digital marketing books that he thought students could refer to. The team at ICFAI asked him one book that will give all the info one needs to get started with digital marketing. Mohit looked and could not find a book like that and decided to write one.

When Mohit shared that he planned to write a book on digital marketing, ICFAI committed to buy a large quantity even before the writing began.

This resulted in 100,000 words on digital marketing in 60 days, covering almost all aspects of digital marketing.

The digital marketing handbook is a step by step guide for the modern day marketers and soon to be digital marketers. It covers all components of digital marketing like social, email, mobile, search and other emerging technologies. A lot of readers work in sales, media and marketing and use to book to get a good understanding of digital marketing.

There are many good books on Digital Marketing written by some really learned authors on distinct subjects of Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Handbook is probably the only book in India which covers all major topics of digital marketing. It offers a good balance of theory with simple definitions to tactical application on various topics within digital marketing.

The book is available in both print and digital formats.

Readers of the book have shown their love by comparing it to be the Bible of digital marketing. Here is some of the reader feedback.