Blog (Brand Launch): GWTNext Launch Blog Post

A blog post that profiled 24 influencers in future of work space.

To bring visibility to a new unknown blog. The influencer round up blog post brought attention to the blog from the influencers who were featured and also from their followers.

2 weeks on researching the right influencers to feature and then curating their profiles. Connecting with influencers to tell them about that they are featured and requesting them to share the blog post with their followers.

We needed an innovative launch piece of content that will get visibility for a new blog on a new domain that no one had heard of.

Because it was an influencer round up post – a lot of influencers ended up sharing this.

Made a list of 100 influencers and then identified 24 best from this list. Created a curated blog and then updated influencers – requesting others to share them.

Gained attention from the right kind of audience, resulting in 1000s of visitors in less than a week. Gained 100s of new subscribers to the blog who then continue to bring new traffic to the blog and visibility for the product and services of GWTNext.

The GWTNext was a new brand focused on global workforce transformed was started by Laura Goodrich, a thought leader in workforce transformation space. She and GWTNext Co-founder reached out to Mont Pier to help with content and launch of GWTNext.

To give it good visibility at launched Mont Pier conceptualized an influencer roundup post.

This launch blog post featured 24 Future of Work experts including Don Tapscott (a LinkedIn Influencer).

Got these influencers to share the posts and garnered 100s of shared – pretty good for a newly launched blog with zeo audience in the beginning.

Process: First we made a list of influencers to target to reach out. Then created another balanced list. This list included a list of influencers who had some common connect with the GWTNext founders and others that had planned to do a cold outreach.

After the blog post was done – we reached out to influencers to share the blog post with them. We also requested them to share. Many of them obliged fulfilling our objective of getting visibility and shares for the content, new blog and site.

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