India 2014: New Information and Cultural Insights Entrepreneurs Need to Start a Business in India

353 pages. Covers almost all everything that an expat entrepreneur needs to know to do business in India.

12 Months for research and 2 months for writing.

There was no single book that shared both the cultural nuances and process side of doing business in India.

Two entrepreneurs – one from the US (Derek Sivers) and one Indian (Mohit Pawar) came together to create a practical, balanced book to create a handy guide to help expat entrepreneurs. It saves potentially hundreds of hours of work on part of the entrepreneur looking to set up their base in India.

There are a lot of examples, resources and live links that readers can refer to if they want to learn more.

Derek wrote 200+ questions that an expat entrepreneur have in mind before coming to India to do business. Mohit wrote his replies to each question as a mini-chapter. Researchers helped in gathering additional information and perspective. Both of them then reviewed and improved before book went into edits. A team of researchers helped in gathering data and doing topic specific research.

Book went ahead of Lonely Planet’s India guide on launch and continues to be sought by those looking to do business in India.

Mohit co-authored this book with Derek Sivers, TED speaker and founder of (sold for $22 million).

At launch, this book went to the top of its category on Amazon and continue to sell.
And, works as a lead gen piece of content for those expat entrepreneurs and companies looking to set up their base in India.

It was a 2 year long labor of love where Mohit traveled to meet entrepreneurs (Indian entrepreneurs , expat entrepreneurs, running businesses of all scales — small, small to medium and people like co-founders of global companies like SlideShare – Amit Ranjan of SlideShare – among many other – our team of researchers worked on collectiing and verfiying the data.

We chose not to publish the print version and relied on digital distribution via platforms like Amazon all global sites including, iTunes and innovative platforms like LeanPub etc.