Blog (Event Coverage): Nasscom EmergeOut Conclave Blog Post Coverage

Nasscom invited Mohit to attend and write a blog about Mohit Nasscom Emergeout business conclave. He talks about his learning and takeaways from the event in this blog post.

Bring visibility to good work Nasscom is doing and offering an inside view on what transpires in gatherings like these.

One full day to attend the Conclave and 15 hours to write, edit and publish the blog post.

Lack of engagement for press releases and post event coverage by the organizer.

Instead of Nasscom writing about their own event and sharing a post event press release – this blog post with a lot of details and a neutral perspective about learnings from the conclave – brought good attention from those who were exposed to this blog post.

Taking lessons wise quotes highlighting the key learnings.. And then converted them into a blog post with good flow.

This blog was shared by Nasscom stakeholders across social channels and via Nasscom email list. The readers connected and appreciated a personal views on Nasscom events and signed up to attend future events.