Ebook (Buzz Building): No Idling

An eBook that featured interviews of/stories by achievers and doers from across the world.

To promote a new book by Steven Pressfield, author of the classic “War of Art”.

1 week by a 20 member global team. This project was managed by Mohit.

We needed an innovative piece of content that will get influencers to share about the book with their tribe.

Because the influencers were featured in the book, many of them ended up sharing the eBook.

Gathered a global team of curators. Identified influencers who could potentially be featured in the eBook. Created pitch emails. Curators reached out to influencers.  Gathered stories and interviews. Edited and designed the eBook. Shared it with featured influencers and other connections which resulted in 1000s of download in less than a week.

Powered by other marketing tactics + eBook resulted in Steven Pressfield’s book getting to the top of its category on Amazon.

This ebook was conceptualized to promote Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work

The idea was to encourage a wide variety of global readers to download and read No Idling and get them exposed to the Do the Work and Steven Pressfield.

A global team of curators worked on finishing and launching this ebook in less than a week – led by Mohit. Once launched the book witnessed 1000s download in 3 days up to the launch.

Even after the launch – the No Idling book took life of its own and continues be shared by people and show up like this recent (March 2016) Slideshare deck.