“Inspired by Brand” Content Showcase


Here you will find a glimpse of our “Inspired by Brand” content.

This includes:

1. An explainer video about LinkedIn Placements

2. Infographic Showing Airbnb’s journey

from a start up to a funded unicorn

3. I Love American Express. Here Is Why?

(A blog post on Employer Branding – written as a first person account of a happy employee.)

4. How LinkedIn Has Helped You?

(We reached out to professionals and created an expert roundup post)

5. Brand Connect – LinkedIn Leaders Meet Marketing Magicians

(Blog post covering the recent LinkedIn Brand Connect Delhi)

6. Visa: A Lifetime of Innovations in Payments Technology

(Thought leadership piece)

An executive like Mark Jamison, Visa’s global head of new product development, will be the right person to write such content. To create such a piece we’ll interview the executive over phone while he is on the move or Skype and based on his responses we’ll create it.
Please note: So far, we have not worked with Airbnb, American Express or Visa. We created the content focused on their brand, to showcase our thought process and capabilities.