ChatGPT: A Human centered approach to machine learning

ChatGPT is another tool in discussion these days. This new AI tool is designed to talk with a user in a conversational way. Will ChatGPT change the SEO game plan? Will ChatGPT change the way Google algorithms works for organic search? These are some of the questions that are surfacing the internet. Let's dive in [...]

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How to achieve Success in Scarcity? 

In life we all must have gone through the times where we have limited resources whether in business, personal life situations, jobs, etc. This evening I contributed to one of the posts written by @Kishore Dharmrajan on his facebook group Digital Marketing Dubai about Khaby lame, the famous social media personality.     It got me [...]

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Does Email Marketing Increase Sales?

Email Marketing is one of the oldest and most cost - effective digital marketing channels to grow your business at various levels. Email marketing is not to be ignored as marketing channel as it has been considered to be one of the highest ROI generated tools of marketing for businesses. The hard and sad part [...]

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Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

The change is only constant in digital marketing. Here are some key trends for 2017, based on the analysis of available data and early adoption/growth. # Brands Will Increasingly Rely on Data to Make Important Business Decisions More and more brands will rely on data to tell them who is buying what, when, and what [...]

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