ChatGPT is another tool in discussion these days. This new AI tool is designed to talk with a user in a conversational way. Will ChatGPT change the SEO game plan? Will ChatGPT change the way Google algorithms works for organic search? These are some of the questions that are surfacing the internet. Let’s dive in to find out more about what is ChatGPT? and how it works?

 What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a new AI based conversational tool made by Open AI that is designed to help users to communicate with the machine in a more human way. ChatGPT focuses on dialogue and usability to provide the best solution answers to your questions using the natural language processing technology.

 How does ChatGPT work?

It basically works as a reinforcement learning tool on human feedback. In simpler terms, machine learning uses human feedback to give realistic results. Like Google it doesn’t have the functionality to browse the Internet to give unlimited answers to a particular question.

Is ChatGPT Free to use?

In order to use ChatGPT you should first create an account with open AI with your Google or Microsoft account. Yes, During the beta preview ChatGPT is available for people and businesses to use for Free.

Try ChatGPT . To create an account with ChatGPT, click on the link Once you sign up you can ask questions within the ChatGPT and it will try to give you the best possible answer to that question.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that works in a conversational manner based on the feedback of the user so its knowledge base is limited to the user recorded feedback inside the tool. ChatGPT is going to disrupt the SEO in future is unclear as it has to pass a lot of parameters to show how effective it can be in a normal day to day life of a user.

Are you planning to use ChatGPT? What is your viewpoint about this new tool? Share with me in the comments your user experience.